Cooker Rules


1. Check in, set up and cooking begins at 5:00 AM on Friday, September 22nd. All cooking must be done on site. Trailers may be dropped off on Thursday, September 21st before 6:00 PM. Cooking spaces will be marked and will be on a first come basis.
2. All vehicles, except towing vehicle, must be parked in parking lot.
3. Teams must provide all their own supplies. No electricity or RV hookups will be provided.
4. AIA SA will provide plates, utensils, and napkins for dinner. Each Cooking Team shall provide serving trays and utensils for their station.
5. Contestants shall prepare a minimum of 10 lbs. of brisket, 20 lbs. of additional meat and one or two sides for 50 people. Only brisket will be judged.
6. Briskets that are entered into judging must be cooked from scratch within the constraints of the event. Pre-cooking will not be allowed either on or off the cook site prior to start of the cook-off as defined by the cook-off promoter. Pre-seasoning and marinating WILL be allowed this year.
7. No open fires are permitted.
8. All judging containers shall be clean and free of obvious marks. Marked containers may be disqualified at the Head Judges’ discretion. Cooks are responsible for insuring the containers they receive from AIA are clean and undamaged.
9. Each team will be required to turn in a minimum of 12 bite-sized pieces and one presentation slice. Bite size will be to the discretion of the cooking team.
10. Any and all garnishes and condiments are prohibited. Meats may be cooked with sauces, but once cooking is completed, sauces or seasonings of any kind cannot be used. No sauce may be visible in the judging containers; this will be grounds for disqualification.
11. Judging of meat is based upon: appearance, color, aroma, tenderness, taste, and aftertaste.
12. Prizes: 1st place trophy and bragging rights for 1 year.