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Includes breakfast.

AIA San Antonio
1344 South Flores, Ste. 102

Doors open at 7:30 AM
Programs begin at 8:00 AM

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CANCELLED November 15, 2019
4X4 CE Bootcamp – TBD

December 5, 2019
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Residential Exteriors

September 27th | 8:00 AM – 12:00 | includes Breakfast
Doors open at 7:30 AM at AIA San Antonio, 1344 S. Flores St. 102, 78204

Varying Degrees of Authenticity In Historic Matching Of Exterior Shutters Southern Shutter Company
Preservation of our historical buildings is a one way street. Once they are demolished there is no bringing them back. In the remodeling or maintenance of these structures manufactures are often asked to replicate existing building components in order to preserve the buildings integrity. Exterior shutters are an integral part of the exterior facade of most historical buildings and are one of the first things noticed when looking at the building. This course is designed to cover the varying degrees of historical matching of shutters dictated by Historical Society Bylaws, Architects, Designers and Property Owners through an understanding of the Anatomy of a Shutter, Types of Shutter Styles and Construction Materials, Varying Degrees of Shutter Matching and finally Hinging of Shutters. An understanding of these objectives will give the Architect the ability to better work with their clients in meeting their design goals while staying in their budget. 1 HSW/LU

Benefits of Daylight and Fresh Air in Residential Design – Velux
A comprehensive, educational program to communicate how skylights can contribute and provide the benefits of natural ventilation, daylight and energy efficiency to ensure good health and wellbeing in residential applications as well as evaluating the importance of indoor climate and the aspects of creating better living conditions. 1 HSW/LU

Powder Coating: Plenty of Durable Options – Sierra Pacific Windows
Powder coating is a dry finishing process known for durability, performance, and a smooth application process on many products from everyday appliances to tough machinery. This learning unit will take an in-depth look at powder coatings while outlining the history of their development. It also illustrates the powder-coating application process, the differences between powder and liquid finishes, and other powder-coating specifications. It concludes with the features and benefits of powder coatings while emphasizing the advantages to health and the environment as VOC free. The benefits of using nontoxic exterior powder coatings with unlimited color options over liquid coatings are also included. 1 HSW/LU

ADA Compliance Accessibility Unlimited
description coming…. 1 ADA/HSW/LU

August 23, 2019 – for your reference
Increasing School Safety Through Design – Pfluger Architects
Innovations in Window Films – Eastman
Active Shooter: A Layered Approach, A Complete Security Strategy – Johnson Controls

July 26, 2019   – for your reference
Composite Sub Framing and It’s Contributions to Sustainability – Advanced Architectural Products
Vertical Design and Construction – SpawGlass
Translucent Daylighting – Kingspan Light + Air | CPI Daylighting
New Tall Wood Code Provisions: Understanding Advanced Design Topics – WoodWorks

May 31, 2019  – for your reference
Treat Your Building as a Patient – Kenall
Moisture Mitigation: Planning for Success – Shonox
Surface Protection and Graffiti Abatement Solutions – Grafitti Shield
Do Buildings and Spaces Cause Health? – Bell Structural

February 15, 2019  for your reference
The Energy Code in New Construction Residential Applications – CES
The Energy Code in New Construction Commercial Applications – CES
Vitro Architectural Glass Solarban® Low-E Coatings- Vitro Architectural Glass
Locally Approved Earthen Construction Modifications to the 2018 IBC – ECI

January 25, 2019 – for your reference
Marble Use in the Kitchen – Delta Granite
The Importance of Correct Subfloor Preparation  – Uzin-Utz
Extruded Aluminum Trim Products: Innovative Solutions for Interior Application – Xtreme Interiors
Masonry Specifications and Detailing For Problem Free Projects – Best Block

October 26, 2018 – for your reference
Designing with LEDs – Spectrum
Convergence:  The Integration of Lighting and Micro Processor Technology – Sternberg Lighting
Understanding and Applying the IES Luminaire Classification System Sternberg Lighting
Lighting Control Technology for Digital and Dynamic Luminaires Spectrum

September 28, 2018 – for your reference
Planning for the Business Owner – New York Life
R&D Tax Credit for Architects and Engineers – Engineered Tax Services
Insurance – Wortham Insurance & Risk Management
Managing Risk Before, During and After Contracting – Benjamin, Vana, Martinez & Biggs, LLP 

August 24, 2018- for your reference
Specifying Fixtures & Fittings for the Bath – Waterworks
Cellular PVC and the Changing Face of Trim Products – Azek
Specifying Glass Tile with Confidence – Oceanside Glass & Tile
Designing and Specifying Custom Windows Luxury Residences  – Pella 

July 20, 2018- for your reference
Weather Resistant Barriers in Exterior Vertical Wall – Typar
Advanced Topics in Glued-Laminated Timber (GLULAM) – Bell Structural
Multigenerational Public Restroom Design – Bobrick
Sustainable Design / Green Roofing – Garland Co.

September 15, 2017 – for your reference
Understanding Poly-Ash Siding and the Other Categories of the Siding Market – Boral
Spray Foam in Commercial Design- Demilec
TDLR Update – Accessibility Unlimited
Benefits of Daylight and Fresh Air in Residential Design – Velux

June 9, 2017 – for your reference
Sustainable Forestry – Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Code Compliant Exterior Systems for Wood Framed Building Envelopes – Huber Engineered Woods
Introduction to Wood I-Joists and Laminated Veneer Lumber  – Boise Engineered Wood
Composite Decking and Sustainable Design – MoistureShield
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February 17, 2017 – for your reference
Understanding Chemistry in Building – The American Chemistry Council
Commercial Design with Structured Insulated Panels – Structural Insulated Panel Assn
Residential Design with Structural Insulated Panels – Structural Insulated Panel Assn
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