Four lunchtime Continuing Education Courses

Upcoming Events:

November 2020
4×4 sponsored by Cleary Zimmermann

November 30 – December 11 – 2020
CE Power Sessions

Acme Brick 4×4 CEs

Oct 13th | Noon – 1 PM
Introduction to TC Cladding (1 LU/HSW)

This course will give an overview of the use of terracotta cladding panels as a building finish material.  Upon completion of this course, the design profession will be able to:

  • Describe terracotta panel materials and how they are used
  • Understand the standards and codes related to terracotta panels
  • Learn how terracotta panels are used as a part of rain screen systems and sealed wall systems
  • Learn the different methods of installation for terracotta panels.

Oct 15th | 12 – 12:30 PM
Introduction to steel siding (0.5 LU/HSW)

This program will cover the different types of steel profiles in the family of metal coatings. It will lead the participant to understand the qualities of the distinct paint systems used in the industry and to understand their particularities. Their warranties, LEED program,  types of poses as well as profiling methods.

  • Manifest our growth in the different manners
  • of profiling galvanized steel
  • Master the advantages and disadvantages of the different paint systems available in the current market

Oct 20th | Noon – 1:30 PM
Natural Slate Rainscreen Cladding Systems (1.5 LU)

This presentation includes a range of topics important to the architect, designer, and specifier.  Materials discussed will provide a better understanding for the proper specification and usage of natural slate materials for roofing, rainscreen and solar panel for architectural applications.

  • How roofing slate is produced…From the quarry to the roof…
  • How to identify slate quality and detect potential problems.  What do you need to ask when using slate in a project?
  • The ventilated façade systems with natural slate…from a technical and practical point of view.
  • The solar panel with natural slate…Innovation, Performance & Tradition.

Oct 22nd | Noon – 1 PM
HPL Siding Material and Rain Screen Siding Applications (1 LU)

Phenolic composite panels are a versatile exterior building material – ideal wherever durability and aesthetics are needed.  Phenolic composite panels provide UV, climate,  impact, chemical, stain, moisture and fire resistance for commercial and residential applications. In this presentation we will learn how high pressure laminate is made, and     explore the properties of HPL.  We will explore the principles of back-ventilated rain screen siding, and provide you with an understanding of typical installations and  applications.

  • Identify HPL material and its properties
  • Understand the fundamentals of rain screen principles
  • Recognize the advantages of HPL as a material, and when used for siding in a rain screen installation
  • And lastly, we will inspire you with some HPL siding applications!

Cleary Zimmerman’s MEP 4×4 CEs

Nov 17th | Noon – 1 PM
Air Distribution for the Modern O.R. (1 LU/HSW)

Modern operating room design is critical for ensuring patient safety during procedures as O.R. equipment is complex and ceilings are often congested. Integrating lighting into life-critical air distribution arrays above surgical zones creates superior ambient lighting conditions and improves surgical staff effectiveness. This course outlines typical O.R. design strategies, associated codes and standards, and the future of simplified O.R. design.

Nov 18th | ?? PM
Specifying Luminaires for Environmentally Critical Applications (1 LU/HSW)

A rapidly increasing number of facilities require lighting fixtures to play an integral role in maintaining the environmental integrity of specific areas. From healthcare and scientific research to Cleanroom and hi tech manufacturing facilities, issues such as EMI, biological and chemical ingress/egress and toxicity must now be considered when specifying luminaries. This presentation will not only discuss the environmental role of luminaries but will also identify standards that ensure luminaries will perform as needed.

Nov 19th | Noon – 1:00 PM
Advances in Plumbing Healthcare Design (1 LU/HSW)

Healthcare facilities are now striving to meet the needs of all patients by offering spaces that are healthy, safe, and inclusive. Recent advances in plumbing design for healthcare facilities are helping to keep all patients and caregivers safe and healthy. This course reviews innovations in plumbing design and how these designs support trending healthcare needs, such as infection prevention, behavioral healthcare, and bariatric and ADA patients.

Nov 20th | Noon – 1 PM
Low Voltage Presentation (1 LU/HSW)

description coming soon