Tuesday, March 21, 2023

9:00 AM | Elements Room
Natural Stone Countertops:  Considerations for Marble, Granite, Quartzite and Soapstone (1 LU/HSW)

Natural stone applications can add beauty, character, and value to any living space. By communicating the proper expectations for performance and maintenance requirements, the consumer will gain a better understanding and appreciation for using natural stone in their kitchens and bathrooms.

10:15 AM | Benjamin Obdyke
Drainage + Drying in the Exterior Wall (1 LU/HSW)

Residential/low-rise commercial architects & design professionals, custom home builders, construction superintendants, service/warranty managers, contractors specializing in the installation of cedar, fiber-cement,
manufactured stone veneer or stucco, as well as mold or moisture remediation contractors.

11:30 PM | Velux
The Future of Healthy Homes (1 LU/HSW)

A comprehensive, educational program
to communicate how daylight and fresh air transmitted through skylights can contribute to an ideal indoor climate while accentuating modern design aesthetics. This program demonstrates that emerging daylighting technologies, supported by top design trend research, emphasize energy efficiency in residential spaces
to create healthier, more comfortable living conditions

1:30 PM | Kimball International
Multisensory Wellbeing-Biohacking Creativity (1 LU/HSW)

How we perceive our physical environment influences our body, mind, and spirit in profound ways. As design experts, the more we understand humans the more we can understand how to shape the spaces we occupy and how environment can impact us on a biological, physical, and chemical level. Get your senses ready as we’ll learn to achieve a multisensory wellbeing in biohacking human experience and creativity.

2:45 PM | Inpro Corporation
ADA Signage – Mastering the Compliance Basics (1 LU/HSW + ADA)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turned 30 years old in 2020. Originally passed in 1990, the major revision to the Standards for Accessible Design (SAD) in 2010 gave the law more teeth – compliance is now required and enforceable on the federal level.
Since the ADA views visual impairments as a disability covered under the Act, there are specific guidelines pertaining to signage products. The two categories covered under interior signage are Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted or Projected. Within the Wall Mounted category, Identification of permanent room signs, Directional signs, and Informational signs are covered. Within the Ceiling or Projected Mounted category, Directional and Information signs are covered.

4:00 PM | Altro
Designing for Behavioral & Mental Health (1 LU/HSW)

As interest in and use of mass timber in the U.S. has grown, so too has interest in pushing these timber structures to greater heights. Using international examples of successful tall wood buildings as precedent, some designers have proposed tall wood projects in the states using a project-specific performance-based design approach. In order to provide a uniform set of code provisions for these tall wood buildings, the International Code Council established an ad hoc committee on tall wood buildings that proposed a set of code changes allowing up to 18 stories of mass timber construction. Those code changes were announced as approved in January 2019 and have become part of the 2021 International Building Code. Following a brief discussion of history and motivators, this presentation will introduce the new tall wood code provisions and construction types, as well as the technical research and testing that supported their adoption.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

9:00 AM | Sierra Pacific Windows
Structural Mulling for Fenestration (1 LU/HSW)

This course covers types and styles of structural reinforcement and mulling within the fenestration industry.  It covers testing for monumental openings, window grades, and associated performance required to meet design pressures by zone.  It illustrates through details and photography different ways of achieving this, as well as the shop drawing processes for submittal review.

10:15 AM | Sentech
Advances & Trends in Structural Glass Technology (1 LU/HSW)

Join us on a journey into the current state and future of structural glass design. We will discuss advances and trends in structural glass technology, including impact-resistant glazing, jumbo clear span systems, curved glass & decorative fin applications, and double-skin façades. This discussion will include new technologies we have developed & tested in high seismic, wind and impact zones, including applications that can be utilized in hurricane-prone regions. Project applications & case studies will be used to illustrate preferred design practices & construction techniques.

11:30 PM | Johnson Architectural Systems
How Large Opening Contribute to Improved Mental Health (1 LU/HSW)

This seminar explains how large openings can help improve health, and what kind of systems are available for Wind-Borne and Coastal Areas, their structurally engineered components. The course focuses on: benefits and applications, types of door systems, and door hardware and testing.

1:30 PM | Ludewici
The Art of Terra Cotta & Color (1 LU/HSW)

This one hour program explores the art of terra cotta, beginning with a quick overview of the manufacturing process, covering the natural variation in clay tile along with the glazing techniques to achieve the desired color. This course also focuses on the color selection and matching process to custom and historic profiles.

2:45 PM | Accessibility Unlimited
Understanding the Difference Between ADA and TDLR/TAS 2020 (1 LU/HSW + ADA)

Presentation will cover Americans with Disabilities (ADA) law and TDLR/TAS requirements and highlight significant difference in the two laws – one being a national civil rights law and Texas’ law which is a construction law. The presenter will also cover best practices for complying with TDLR/TAS rules and requirements.

4:00 PM | OPEN