8:30 AM | MillerKnoll
Designing Spaces for High Performance (1 LU/HSW)

When it comes to patient safety, fluid communication among members of care teams is vital. The built environment should be designed to enhance communication, and the knowledge sharing and informal learning that happens along with it. The following design principles can help us remove communication roadblocks that lead to errors and adverse outcomes for patients: including a variety of settings, increasing conversational transparency, facilitating chance encounters, planning human-scaled work areas, and creating neutral zones. These design considerations, alone or in combination, can improve teamwork and patient welfare.

9:40 AM | PPG Industries
Healthcare Facilities (1 LU)

Healthcare Facilities; Hospitals and Long Term Care Homes have varied needs for architectural paints, high performance coatings and some very particular problem solving products. This is an introduction into paint technology. Prerequisite knowledge is not needed prior to attending the course.

10:50 AM | Mergeworks
Acoustic Planning for Interior Commercial Spaces (1 LU/HSW)

Identify the primary elements of sound and learn how to resolve acoustic issues experience in interior commercial spaces by increased knowledge of what sound is, how it effects productivity and how to effectively create solutions. Source material includes various publications generally available through membership or research from the Commercial Audio-Video and Furniture industries as well as published construction Standards for Departments of Defense facilities. Source material also includes over 40 years of industry experience by the author in the contract furniture and commercial Audio Video industries.

12:00 PM | Johnson Architectural Systems — LUNCH PROVIDED
Higher Education and Building Code Compliance (1 LU)

Discuss and understand fundamental code requirements as they apply to the design and application of wide span opening protectives to protect openings and their effect on building function and design.

1:10 PM | Clarus
Color Theory & Mental Health (1 LU/HSW)

After reviewing the fundamentals of color theory, the presenter will reveal to the audience how they experience the effects of color every day in their physical and mental health. The group will review Ecological Valence Theory and explore why color has such a profound impact on our bodies. Then, the presenter will provide several research experiments done with various colors to show the impact of color in real life. Finally, the group will examine how designers can use color to their advantage by using texture and balance.

2:20 PM | Altro
Designing for Healthcare: Wet Environments (1 LU/HSW)

This one-hour informative seminar examines wet environments in healthcare facilities and the proper specifications for appropriate interior finishes for use in these spaces to promote safety and security for both patients and staff alike.

3:30 PM | Smoke Guard
Passive Smoke Protection (1 LU/HSW)

Passive fire and smoke protection is a major concern for healthcare facilities. The evolution of high temperature materials has made it possible to provide minimal, high performance, code-compliant smoke-and fire-rated protection for openings throughout the constructed environment. This presentation will touch on IBC and NFPA requirements for fire and smoke protection throughout the hospital. Our discussion will address the building code requirements for fire and smoke protection of openings and the innovative passive curtain solutions available for unique applications throughout the I-2 environment including elevator openings and multi-story spaces.


8:30 AM | Armstrong Ceilings
Radiant Heating and Cooling with Metal Ceilings (1 LU/HSW)

Radiant Heating and Cooling with Metal Ceilings is a one–hour course that presents an overview of how metal ceilings are used to deliver hydronic radiant heating and cooling as an alternative to forced-air heating ventilating and air conditioning systems. Sustainability, benefits such as improved indoor air quality, energy consumption savings, and improved acoustics are a few of the benefits outlined.

9:40 AM | Sierra Pacific
Energy Performance with Modern Glazing (1 LU/HSW)

Participants will learn about various aspects of energy efficient glazing. Emphasis is placed on the insulating effects, solar heat gain, visible transmittance, condensation resistance and fading coefficients. Important health issues include the resistance to condensation which can lead to virus and bacteria. Safety issues include discussions regarding the use of tempered and laminated glass in hazardous areas. Visible light transmittance includes the clarity and natural light that affects the well being of the occupants of the building. Discussions also include how to minimize fading from outdoor light.

10:50 AM | Indeco
Course Name (1 LU/HSW)


Active Shooter Hostile Event Response – Fundamental Concepts for Architects (1 LU/HSW)

An overview of NFPA 3000, Standards for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) with an emphasis on the requirements and questions it will pose for Architects.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
Familiarity with Architectural design principals and current challenges in building security design and the protection of occupants during an Active Shooter/Hostile event.

1:10 PM | Somfy
Improving Facade Designs Comparing Automated vs Manual Solar Shading (1 LU/HSW)

This course will provide an understanding of innovative design trends including current market drivers, comparing high performance glass vs. high performance shading and how to increase visual and thermal comfort by automating the balance of natural and artificial light. This course will build the connection between current design trends influence on building performance using automated facades. We will discuss design strategies using automated solar management and its impact on these design trends.

2:20 PM | Karndean
Providing Cleaner Air: Indoor Air Quality Certification for Flooring, Furniture & Building Materials (1 LU/HSW)

  • A Brief Review of Sustainability
  • Defining the importance of a certification
  • Defining Certification
  • Writing FloorScore® Certification into the specs

3:30 PM | Livers Bronze
Stunning Design Within Your Grasp: Architectural Railing Systems (1 LU/HSW)

Handrails and guardrails are a safety feature that we easily take for granted as a common fixture of the environment where stairs and balconies are a feature, aiding us in our coming and going. Discover how these systems impact not just the aesthetic of your design, but also the importance of proper specification and of utilizing a single source integration approach.