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  • A paragraph to describe the course.
  • 1. Identify what you want participants to learn.

    Example: Steps to writing effective learning objectives

  • 2. Identify what level of knowledge you expect.

    There are six levels of learning under Bloom’s taxonomy. It’s important to choose the appropriate level of learning because this will drive the level of the learning program and help set any expectations for prerequisite knowledge.

    Example: The use the steps to writing learning objects (Application level).

  • 3. Select the right verb. This should be an observable, measurable behavior that aligns with the level of learning selected.

    Example: Demonstrate these steps.

  • 4. Add the criteria or conditions that constrain how, when, or where the outcome will be observable to add context for the learning.

    Example: Demonstrate the steps to writing effective learning objectives when submitting a learning program for AIA continuing education.