“The vast majority of outdoor urban space is dedicated to the private vehicle, while only a fraction of that land is allocated to open space for people.”

-PARK(ing) Day manual by Rebar Group, Inc.

This year, San Antonio PARK(ing) DAY will look a little different but we’ll be having just as much fun envisioning interventions for our city in the footprint of a parking space!

Below you’ll find all the information and logistics you need to virtually pick your spot and submit your digital entry, to be shared on Friday, September 18th 3pm-4pm at San Antonio’s virtual PARK(ing) DAY celebration event. 


A virtual PARK(ing) DAY event will showcase visions for the transformation of existing parking spots along Broadway between Houston Street and Travis Street in downtown San Antonio.


Participants can select one of the 9 metered spots along this stretch of Broadway to envision an intervention in the 8’x22’ space, pending availability. Once you’ve signed up using the form to the right, you’ll be contacted so that you can make your selection. You’ll then be given an information packet pertaining to that spot and instructions for completing your sketch. See below for map and photos of parking spots. Sign up soon to get your first choice!


A Zoom showcase on September 18th from 3pm-4pm. Participants will have the opportunity to spend up to 5 minutes sharing their sketch.


If you have any questions about the materials or the process, please reach out to Anne Herndon aherndon@lakeflato.com or Sam Rusek  srusek@lakeflato.com. We’re happy to help! 

See more information on PARK(ing) DAY and it’s origins HERE.

View Site Selection and Examples using hand sketching, Bluebeam and SketchUp+Photoshop HERE