Consideration to sponsor the refreshments for the evening would be greatly appreciated. Some sponsors have even offered to “surprise” match the prize at the end of the night! Promotional flyers start circulating next week and we will be happy to recognize your support. THANK YOU for considering, we are very grateful for all your support. Below is a full list of the Trivia Nights schedule if you would possibly like to participate on a different or additional night.

ARE Trivia Nights

A competition style study group to keep emerging professionals on tract toward licensure. Each session will include prizes of online study subscriptions and cash prizes to help offset the cost of exams and other costs associated with studying and taking the ARE Exams. All Trivia Nights are from 6-8PM at the AIA.

28 JAN 2020, TUE   Contracts + Practice Management

Divisions Covered: PcM & PjM

25 FEB 2020, TUE  Project Planning + Quality Control

Divisions Covered: PjM

31 MAR 2020, TUE Environmental Conditions + Context

Divisions Covered: PA & PPD

26 MAY 2020, TUE  Topic: Codes + Regulations

Divisions Covered: PA, PPD & PDD

30 JUN 2020, TUE  Structural Systems

Divisions Covered: PPD & PDD

25 AUG 2020, TUE  MEP

Divisions Covered: PPD & PDD

29 SEP 2020, TUE  Documenting Your Project

Divisions Covered: PDD

27 OCT 2020, TUE  Construction + Evaluation

Divisions Covered: CE