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Purchase and download a PDF version of most of the AIA Contract Documents using AIA Documents-on-Demand. This product does not allow you to edit or customize any of the legal language.

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With AIA Documents-on-Demand® Plus, you can choose one of our 180+ documents, edit it as you wish, and finalize that document one time per purchase. This means that every document is fully editable, so you’ll have the flexibility to change the document text to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, there is no need to estimate future document usage; simply purchase the document one at a time, when you need it. The document can only be finalized one time, but you will have access to it for a full year.

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The AIA provides free PDF copies of its document commentaries, comparisons, and guides to supplementary conditions.  That information is available on the AIA website

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Technical support is available at 1-800-942-7732 Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) or via e-mail

Help with Specific AIA Contract Documents
If you have questions about specific contracts, which contracts to use, or how to complete a contract, please contact  You may also call AIA Information Central at 800-242-3834 or 202-626-7300.

Descriptions of available AIA Contract Documents and how they are organized can be found at the AIA’s AIA Contract Documents page.

Documents Organization
The AIA organizes contract documents by two methods. The first method groups documents by “families” based on types of projects or particular project delivery methods. The second method groups documents by “series” based on the use of the document.

History Of Contract Documents
The AIA publishes more than 100 contracts and administrative forms that are recognized throughout the design and construction industry as the benchmark documents for managing transactions and relationships involved in construction projects.

Document Synopses
For the most recent documents information, including descriptions, date of the latest edition, and any scheduled revision of the contract documents.

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