Professional Practice Leadership Program (2PLP) from AIA San Antonio was developed to help better prepare young professionals for the constant changes within the profession and to foster improvement in practice management.  It is designed to enhance the transition of young professionals from internship to professional practice through increased exposure to aspects of the profession that are not typically obtained through academia or the Intern Development Program (IDP).

Each year, 15 candidates annually are accepted into the 2PLP program.  The selection process is competitive requiring that applicants complete an in-depth application including a personal statement about challenges they see in the profession. Those chosen participate in the program for 11 consecutive months attending all-day focus sessions presented by firm principals and industry leaders. The sessions are configured to provide a strong interactive learning experience where the participants have work sessions and discussions about the various subjects.

The focus session topics include:

  • Marketing
  • Contracts
  • Ethics
  • Project Management
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Community Service
  • Project Delivery Methods
  • Quality Control
  • Presentation

One of the primary tenets of the program is to provide practicable knowledge to young professionals to improve the practice of architecture.

2PLP is a unique program within the profession and has been a major success with more and more candidates applying to the program each year.

2020 Application


Evan Morris, AIA


Past Graduates


Sergio Alanis – PBK Architects
Ben Berg, Assoc. AIA – Sprinkle & Co.
Evan Brooks – RVK Architects
Mara Castro, Assoc. AIA – Alamo Architects
Yanjing Chen – Overland Partners
Tamra Collins, AIA – Overland Partners
Carolina Dominguez Perez – UTSA
Pedro Espinet – Muñoz & Co
Justin Ford, AIA – Lake|Flato Architects
Mark Henderson – Ford Powell & Carson
Clare Lassus – LPA, INC
Ashley Ricketson, AIA – LPA, INC
Beau Schenck – Alamo Architects
Jesus Zuniga – RVK Architects


Victor Badillo, Assoc AIA – Munoz & Company
Sarah Bustamante – PBK Architects
Adam Gates, AIA – RVK Architects
Brittany Haberstroh – LPA Inc.
Derek Klepac, Assoc AIA – Clayton Little
Fabian Mancha – Alamo Architects
Casey Nelson – Lake|Flato
Benjamin Parker, Assoc AIA – Overland Partners
Brita Pearson – LPA Inc.
Melina Philips – Lake|Flato
Eduardo Ponce – Pfluger Architects
Levi Sanciuc – Pfluger Architects
Barbara Warren, Assoc AIA – Overland Partners


Cathy Fay Alvarado :: Pfluger Architects
Andy Castillo, Assoc AIA :: Ford Powell Carson
Stephen ‘Brady’ Dietert, Assoc AIA :: Overland Partners
Behzad Farahmand :: West East Design
Alan Gombera :: Overland Partners
Russell Kenyon :: RVK Architects
Nick Melde, Assoc. AIA :: Alamo Architects
Deepa Modadugu Assoc. AIA :: Munoz & Company
Diana E. Paredes, Assoc AIA :: Nextgen Architects
Jennifer Parlett, AIA :: Marmon Mok Architects
Antonio Plascencia :: Pfluger Architects
Stephen Stinson :: John Grable Architects
Denise Valentine :: RVK Architects
Allison Warren :: PBK Architects


Luis Ahumada, Assoc AIA – Muñoz & Company

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez – Poteet Architects

David Flores – GNA Architecture

Carlos Garcia, Assoc AIA – McChesney/Bianco Architecture

Viviana Garcia – Michael G. Imber, Architects

Garrett Jones – Overland Partners

Seema Kairam – Lake|Flato Architects

Glenn McGuyre, AIA – Fisher Heck Architects

Chris Moore – RVK

Lisa Reese, Assoc AIA – Alamo Architects

Benjamin Rosas – O’Connell Robertson

Michelle Stedman – Overland Partners

Marc Toppel, AIA – Urbanist Design

Sam Vonderau – Lake|Flato Architects


Glen McGuyre – Fisher Heck

Viviana Garcia – Michael Imber

Lisa Reese – Alamo Architects

David Flores – GNA Architecture

Luis Ahumada – Munoz & Co.

Chris Moore – RVK Architects

Carlos Garcia – McChesney/Bianco Architecture

Marc Toppel – Urbanist Design

Benjamin Rosas – O’Connell Robertson

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez – Poteet Architects

Garrett Jones – Overland Partners

Michelle Stedman – Overland Partners

Seema Kairam – Lake Flato Architects

Samuel Vonderau – Lake Flato Architects


2013 2PLP Class

Javier Domingo Alonso – John Grable Architects

Jose Esteban Balboa, AIA – H.E.B.

Xavier A. Cantu – Marmon Mok Architects

Ashley Nicole Heeren – Lake|Flato

Abigail Ruth Kinnison – VIA MetropolitanTransit

Matthew Michael Martinez – John Grable Architects

Kira Melville – Pfluger Associates

James Watson Oppelt, Assoc. AIA – OCO Architects

James Augustus Polonis –RVK

Miguel Angel Saldaña – B&A Architects

Samuel Sanchez – City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department

Rebecca Marie Sibley – Overland Partners

Lindsay Alyse Vann – Alamo Architects


Joel Fernandez, Assoc. AIA – Pfluger Architects

Alex Gamble, Assoc. AIA – Raba Kistner Consultants

Raul Garcia – Alamo Architects

Erica Goranson – Lake|Flato Architects

Emilee Keith – Lopez Salas Architects

Luis Montoto, Assoc. AIA – Pfluger Architects

Monica Sosa – RVK Architects

Jeffrey Watson, AIA – Alamo Architects

Vicki Yuan – Lake|Flato Architects


Jerry Fleming – Lopez Salas Architects

Stephen Guzman, Assoc. AIA – RVK Architects

Jaime Lawhn, AIA – Port of San Antonio

Gabriel E. Martinez – Kell Muñoz Architects

John McClain, Assoc. AIA – Perkins and Will

Arthur Mendoza, Assoc. AIA – Marmon Mok Architecture

Michelle Montgomery, Assoc. AIA – WestEast Design

Andrew Perez, Assoc. AIA – Pfluger Associates Architects

Lindsey Ann Scott, Assoc. AIA – Pfluger Associates Architects

Charles Schneider, AIA – Overland Partners

Greg Snow, Assoc. AIA – Alvidrez Architects

Emily Chappelear, AIA – West East Design

Brantley Hightower, AIA – Lake|Flato Architects

Beverly Baldwin – Alamo Architects


Joel Albea, AIA – Overland Partners
Rafael Barajas , Assoc. AIA – Ford Powell & Carson
Rafael Bedolla, Assoc. AIA  – Pfluger Associates Architects
Denise Beneke, AIA – Marmon Mok
Kent Brittain, Assoc. AIA – Durand-Hollis Rupe
Carlos Cruz, Assoc. AIA – Debra Dockery Architects
Manuel Garza, Assoc. AIA – Pfluger Associates Architects
Hozefa Haidery, Assoc. AIA – Overland Partners
Michelle Hipps, Assoc. AIA – Debra Dockery Architects
Ryan Jones, AIA – Lake Flato
Nicholas Leighton, AIA–Kell Munoz
Lewis McNeel –Lake Flato
Yazmin Perez –WestEast Design Group
Oscar Reyes –Ford Powell & Carson
Jason Wightman, AIA–MSA Architecture


Rene Atkinson – Pfluger Associates
Antonia Bowman – Ford, Powell and Carson
Rebecca Bruce – Lake | Flato Architects
Adam Bush – Overland Partners
John Byrd – Lake | Flato Architects
Robert Garcia – Jacobs
Kapil Khanna – Alvidrez Architecture
Tanner Kirchoff – RVK
David Matiella – Marmon Mok
Celia Mendoza – Ford, Powell and Carson
Pam Moczygemba – WestEast Design Group
John Paul Perez – Pfluger Associates
Yosseph Sharabani – Kell Munoz Architects
Aline Yoldi – Pfluger Associates


Alfred Brice – Marmon Mok

Arthur Campos, AIA – Campos Architecture, PLLC

Javier Castro

Allison Chambers, Assoc AIA – Ford Powell Carson

Maria Dominguez – PBK

Alan Harmon AIA, – Marmon Mok

Kristin Hefty, AIA – Wiese Hefty Design Build

Robyn Jimenez-Popa, AIA – Pfluger Associates

Betsy Johnson, AIA – Lake | Flato Architects

Laura Kenyon

Alan Neff – Robey Architecture

Michael Rey, AIA – Office 4 Architecture

Eddie Rosillo, Assoc. AIA – Marmon Mok

Heath Wenrich – RVK

Morgan Williams, Assoc. AIA – Marmon Mok


Cheryl Davani – Pfluger Associates

Laura Hernandez – Ford Powell Carson

Mark Hodges – O’Neill Conrad Oppelt

Kimberly Mercer – Ford Powell Carson

Guillermo Moya – COSA

Carolyn Pike – Marmon Mok

Florin Popa – Pfluger Associates

Jonathan Smith – Lake | Flato Architects

Jill Whitfield – Ford Powell Carson

Cliff Wittingstall – Overland Partners

Elizabeth Zeno – RVK


Manjiri Akalkotkar – VIA Metropolitan Transit
David S. Calderon – Debra J. Dockery, Architect
J. Gilbert Candia  – Noonan Rittiman Architects
J. Eduardo de la Garza – 3D/International
Bruce A. Hall – Austech Roof Consultants/Raba Kistner
Carr S. Hornbuckle – MDN Architects/Pfluger Associates
Gerardo “Gerry” Noriega – B&A Architects
Jay R. Louden – Ford Powell Carson
Michael A. Martinez – Pfluger Associates
Eluterio “El” Tenorio, Jr. – S.A. Partnership
Theodore S. “Ted” Turner – Kinnison Architects
Christine B. Viña  – City of San Antonio Planning Department

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