COTE: Materials Materials Matters Movie Night

This is a live group viewing of the second course of the AIAU Materials Certificate Program that will unpack the entire product life cycle along with the unique environmental impacts at each phase of materials. Following the video, we will have a discussion about the content. The movie night will take place at LPA Design studio.

The AIA San Antonio COTE Network will be offering all courses in 2023 either free or at a discounted rate. Take all five courses and earn a certificate!

Snack & Refreshments provided while you watch the show.


Often material impact is evaluated while a product is serving a useful purpose in a building, but that only accounts for a portion of the product’s complete life cycle. This course unpacks the entire product life cycle along with the unique environmental impacts at each phase. You’ll learn best practices for improving the environmental performance of materials through a variety of strategies, including designing for deconstruction at the end-of-life.

Learning objectives

  • Identify five environmental impacts typically reported through life cycle assessment.
  • Describe how the environmental impact of products varies by life cycle stage.
  • Describe the environmental benefits of design for deconstruction.
  • Identify five actions to incorporate improved environmental performance in the specification of products.
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Jun 01 2023


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


LPA Design Studios
1811 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78204


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