Latinos In Architecture

The AIA San Antonio Latinos in Architecture Network supports our local communities by participating in volunteer opportunities, investing in community issues, strengthening relationships between professionals in the field of architecture and design and promoting professional and student work. LiA aims to positively influence students aspiring to become architects and designers by providing guidance and expertise.

We understand people are busy with school, life, licensing, family and work but look forward to connecting with you when you have time!

We are excited about our 2019 events and invite you to join us!

All are welcome to participate in LiA.

There are no fees or participation minimums in LiA.


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We have monthly Network Gatherings the first Monday of each month.

Locations change – Be on the lookout for meeting reminders regarding location and time.

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Upcoming Events

2020 Sponsors

Mary Ann Mitchell, AIA

Mary Ann Mitchell, AIA

Co-Chair, Latinos in Architecture
Luis Ahumada, Assoc. AIA

Luis Ahumada, Assoc. AIA

Co-Chair, Latinos in Architecture

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